We make games.

Sometimes we make games purely for fun. Other times, we make games to teach kids how to code or to make otherwise boring conferences more engaging with interactive experiences that facilitate game-inspired teamwork. One of our favorite hobbies is to build game engines and game platforms so that other creators can use our tools to design and build games. Whatever the format of the project, we believe that games bring people together— for coding, for creating, or just for fun.

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P2PWN is a broker for connection between the clients, but does not handle any of the traffic between connection. It seems like every big Intertubes™ company wants you to use their service, so they can see everything you do, when the fact is you should be able to connect with just the people you choose to.

Go Maze

Go Maze is a working prototype of a multiplayer P2P desktop game that uses the P2PWN Service for peer host discovery. You can host your own games, or join someone elses. Just like we used to do in the 90s. The P2PWN Lobby websocket connection broker also provides a list of active games that anyone can join.

Our team.

Jon / Code Ninja

Dev-Ops. Sytem Design & Architecture. Game Engines. Mentorship.

Kelli / Pixel Painter

Illustration. Software UX & System Design. Product Design.

Te / Code Composer

Music Production. Game Design. Software Development.

Goma Games is the label for our fun weekend projects, educational ventures, and games. For inquiries, email kelli@gomagames.com.

If you like what we do and are looking for software development, check out our agency work at PurelyFunctional.co. We do web development, software architecture, UX design, and dev ops consulting work.

Airship CMS is a platform for rapid web development. Architect projects, develop locally, and launch instantaneously. If you like frontend development and want your backend and deployment handled for you, check it out ;)